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Wood-Pressed Oils for Cooking

The wood-pressed technique is a traditional oil extraction process in which wooden churns are used to gently and slowly press the raw seeds to extract oil from them.

Wood-pressed oils are also known as kachi-ghani oils or cold-pressed oils. The whole extraction process produces very little heat, which helps in retaining the nutritional properties of the oil, and we get the best quality oil.

On the other hand, modern science offers a lot of heavy-duty equipment to get oil from the seeds, and these machine-press methods burn almost all the nutrition of the oil because this whole process generates excess heat during extraction.

Wood-Pressed Oils are:

    • ·        Retains maximum nutrition

    • ·        Pure aroma

    • ·        High smoke point

    • ·        Good for heart

    • ·        Purity

    • ·        High-quality oil

We, Gaonsey, deliver the best wood-pressed oils to your doorstep. Gaonsey is an organic producer of raw seeds of mustard, sesame, groundnut, flaxseed, etc. and extracts oil from these high-quality seeds by using the traditional wood-pressing technique.

We support women’s empowerment. We have a small group of village females who are working with us to produce high-quality seeds (mustard, sesame, groundnut, and flaxseed) by using natural organic methods.

Gaonsey’s Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil comes with its original aroma and nutty flavor. It is a choice for many. Using high-quality groundnut and extracting oil by using the woodpress technique, we retain the maximum goodness of the groundnut in the oil.

Benefits of wood-pressed groundnut oil:

  • Rich flavor
  • Good for cardiac wellness
  • Monounsaturated, rich fats

  • Gaonsey’s Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil

Beside the benefits for inner health, coconut oil is also a boon for skincare. Using high-quality coconuts for oil extraction, Gaonsey’s wood-pressed coconut oil comes with the following benefits:

    • High smoke point

    • Natural flavor

    • Natural moisturizer

    • Best for hair health

    • also used to lighten old and fresh scars on the skin.

    • Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil


The strong flavor of organically produced and traditionally processed sesame oil (white and black) gives an extra touch of taste and purity to cooking. And its anti-inflammatory properties make it a complete support for our body from the inside out. 

Cultivate high-quality sesame. Gaonsey’s wood-pressed sesame oils come with amazing benefits:

    • Helpful in reducing inflammation in joints.

    • May reduce pain

    • high nutrition profile

    • used in salad dressings.
  •  Wood-Pressed Mustard Oil

The most widely used cooking oil is mustard oil. Gaonsey offers two types of mustard oil: wood-pressed black mustard oil and wood-pressed yellow mustard oil. Ensuring the goodness of organic farming and retaining the goodness of pure, high-quality mustard, Gaonsey delivers the best wood-pressed oils to our doorstep.

Benefits of wood-pressed mustard oil:

    • High smoke point

    • Natural flavor

    • Taste enhancer

    • can be used as hair oil.

    •  can be used as body massage oil.
    • Wood-Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Gaonsey wood-pressed flaxseed oil is an excellent cooking oil due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content and benefits to heart health. Beside the original taste and flavors, flaxseed oil comes with a lot of benefits that promote cardiac wellness.

Invest in your health and elevate your cooking with Gaonsey’s wood-pressed oils, because you deserve the best!

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