Wood Pressed-Yellow Mustard Oil


Kolhu/Chekku Pressed Use Neem And Babool Wood Popular for deep conditioning Good source of mufa Good source of pufa


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Our Wood-Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil is prepared with high-quality seeds that are self-cultivated in Rajasthan and Muthura with environment-friendly methods. Gaonsey mustard oil has positive effects on cardiovascular health and is suitable for regular use. Additionally, it includes a substance that may be anti-inflammatory. Our best kacchi ghani mustard oil in India processing technique is completely chemical and cruciality free as we cultivate mustard and produce oil from that mustard with ancient wood press techniques.

Monounsaturated fatty acids available in our wood-pressed mustard oil have regularly been shown to lower the risk of various diseases, according to research. According to a systematic study, persons who consume more monounsaturated fatty acids in their diets tend to have lower blood pressure and less body fat than those who consume less of them. The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased by high blood pressure and a high body fat percentage.

Reasons to choose Gaonsey Mustard Oil

By choosing our best kacchi ghani oil in India you will not only gift a healthy diet to your family but also support women’s empowerment as small groups of women work in our lands to cultivate the mustard seed with natural methods to make it more healthy.

The mustard condiment is far less powerful than the oil. We know the importance of diet hence we cultivate mustard and produce the Best wood-pressed mustard oil with ancient wood press techniques.

Our mustard oil is prepared with self-cultivated seeds which are pesticide and chemical free which means there are no harmful traces and the seeds are healthier for you.

The benefit of Using Mustard Oil

Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Cooking Oil has endless benefits and people have been using it as medicine and as food since ancient times. Colds, coughing, and other respiratory conditions and allergies can be treated with mustard oil. Mustard oil steam inhalation has been demonstrated to relieve respiratory congestion.

Additionally, massaging our feet and chest with a mixture formed by heating mustard oil, a few garlic cloves, and a teaspoon of ajwain offers relief from a cold and a cough.

Patients with sinusitis may also get benefit from mustard oil.

By choosing our WoodPress Mustard oil you will support women empowerment as women are making a major contribution in processing and preparing the oil in our firm and land.


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