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Groundnut Oil and Cholesterol Management: Understanding the Science


Do you know, wood pressed groundnut oil can help in balancing your body’s lipid levels? And Gaonsey is India’s most trusted health and wellness brand serving mankind by delivering pure and organic wood pressed groundnut oil to your doorstep.

What are specialties of Gaonsey’s wood pressed groundnut Oil?

We at Gaonsey believe in ancient and traditional science of extracting wood pressed oils because this technique preserves all the nutrients and natural aroma in the extract. We cultivate high quality groundnut in our farms organically while using organic fertilizers over chemicals and delivering pure organic goodness in every drop

How to manage cholesterol :

Adding good fats and a balanced diet is the key to balance the body’s cholesterol levels. But we all know cooking oil plays an important role, choosing the right cooking oil for your daily use along with a balanced diet can create a difference. And Gaonsey wood pressed groundnut oil  has such good fats that can help in managing the cholesterol of the body effectively.

 Why wood pressed groundnut oil:

1.    Contains healthy fats: Good for your heart: Gaonsey wood pressed groundnut oil has lots of healthy fats. These fats help lower the bad kind of cholesterol in your body, which keeps your heart working well!

2.    Fights free radicals: Gaonsey’s wood pressed groundnut oil is packed with ingredients that fight off bad stuff in your body. This helps keep your cells healthy and strong. Plus, it has vitamin E, which can lower your chances of getting heart disease.

3.     Plant Sterols: Wood pressed groundnut oil contains natural plant sterol which helps in absorption of cholesterol in the body. It also helps in blocking the bad cholesterol .

4.  Got good stuff for your brain: Gaonsey’s wood pressed groundnut oil isn’t just tasty, it also has omega 3s! These are like special fats that help your body lower bad things called triglycerides.

Uses of Gaonsey ’ s wood pressed groundnut oil:

Our wood pressed groundnut oil can be used in cooking, frying and also on salad dressings. Its pure aroma and high smoke point makes it a complete kitchen king. Our oils are not only good for health but you can feel a great taste with an amazing touch of pure aroma of that respective oil.

 A Simple Advice for a Health Heart :

 Our heart health is based on many matrices like your lifestyle, your eating habits, your daily physical activities and many more things. A bad eating habit can lead to a bad heart health because if you are consuming fast food, junk, fry, chemically processed foods in your daily routine then your lipid level will rise and it directly impacts your heart’s health. A moderate physical activity for example – any outdoor sport, gym, yoga, running will help to manage your lipid levels but again what matters the most is what you’re eating daily. Adding Gaonsey’s wood pressed groundnut oil in your cooking can give you proper nutrients along with a healthy heart because our wood pressed oils are extracted from organic and pure seeds while using traditional oil making procedures. So exercising daily, eating good food, and choosing the right oils will give you complete heart support.

Healthy and High Protein Recipe Using Gaonsey’s Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil:

Add some wood pressed groundnut oil in the pan; heat it until it changes its color. Now add ½ teaspoon cumin seeds ( zeera) and ½ teaspoon dried coriander (sukkah dhania) along with 1 chopped onion. Fry them for 1-2 mins, now add 1 chopped tomato, cook the whole mixture gently and add ½ teaspoon haldi (turmeric) . Now add 1 chopped capsicum and 100 gram of paneer cubes . mix the whole mixture gently and cook for 3-5 mins. Add salt according to your taste.

Your healthy low fat and high protein paneer chili is ready to eat.

Gaonsey also deals in wood pressed coconut oil , wood pressed mustard oil ( yellow and black) , flaxseed oil , and many more and the best part is everything is organic and wood pressed which makes these products full of nutrition and purity.

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