Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil


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Wood Press Ground-Nut Oil

Nourish your family with goansey Wood Pressed groundnut oil prepared with fine quality ground nuts cultivated with organic methods. We use the best quality of groundnut and our exclusive range of wood Press ground nut oil is high in protein, vitamins,s and minerals. We are using the same as the ancient woodpress method for oil extraction which does not impact the nutritional value of the ground nut oil. Our best cold-pressed groundnut oil is low in carbs and a rich source of plant-based proteins.

All organic nuts include a variety of nutrients, including biotin, copper, niacin, folate, manganese, vitamin E, thiamine, phosphorus, and magnesium. Additionally, groundnuts include antinutrients such as phytic acid as well as antioxidants like coumaric acid and resveratrol.

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil Reasons to Choose:

Our Kachi Ghani Groundnut oil is excellent for the heart because it contains a lot of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, often known as unsaturated good fats. According to a few studies, substituting these kinds of unsaturated fats for saturated fats lowers the risk of heart disease. The heart is shielded by vitamin E from harm brought on by the body’s free radicals.

Our WoodPressed groundnut oil is a potent plant sterol in not only avoiding but also decreasing bad cholesterol. Phytosterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach and intestines, lowering cholesterol levels.

Unsaturated fats available in woodpressed groundnut oil have been linked to higher glucose levels in diabetics, according to a few studies. Additionally, polyunsaturated fat consumption instead of saturated fat consumption might enhance insulin secretion. According to research, oleic acid increases insulin production to counteract the inhibitory effects of insulin.

The Benefit of Wood Press Groundnut Oil

  • It is the best organic cold-pressed groundnut oil in India, antioxidants included in it protect the body from pollutants and free radicals.
  • Additionally, groundnut oil has vitamin E and polyphenols that help fight cancer cells and reduce irritation.
  • Numerous studies have shown that beta-sitosterol and phytosterols can help the body fight colon, prostate, and breast cancer.
  • It is the Best groundnut oil for cooking which takes care of your health without compromising with nutrition’s.


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    Sunil Deshwar

    Suitable for eating purpose. Make daily food full of quality. Increase quality of life in the long run. Kudos.

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