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Wood-Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Wood-Pressed Flaxseed Oil


Manufactured in Indian villages  by women  self-help  groups. All products are prepared using traditional technology i.e. kolhu/chekku pressed technique. It is done to preserve natural quality of the products. Moreover Neem and Babool wood machineries are used to enchance the therapeutic properties of these products.

Wooden Kolhu Pressed Extraction Oil
Best Oils For Your Health
Organic Grown Seeds
Made in Indian Villages
Promote Heart Health

It may be effective in reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol and boosting protective HDL cholesterol

Reduce Inflammation

It contains omega-3 fatty acids, it's commonly thought to reduce inflammation.

Skin health

Flaxseed oil and fish oil benefit your skin, largely due to their omega-3 fatty acid content

Improve Gut Health

It also known as linseed oil, may help with gut health by lubricating the colon and acting as a natural laxative.

Wood Pressed Flaxseed oil has tremendous health benefits, it has been used in various medicines and food items as a rich source of omega 3 since ancient times. From infants to an old aged person, Flaxseed is beneficial for all and recommended by doctors in many health issues. We have brought the best Wood Pressed Flaxseed Oil for you in consumable packaging. We have an exclusive range of the Best flaxseed oil in India which is not prepared in any heavy machinery or using any harmful chemical or tested using animal cruelty.

We cultivate the flaxseed in our farms and produce the best quality of seeds to deliver you the best quality oil. Our preparation is focused on the health benefits and purity of the oil, we are producing the best quality flax seeds and using the Wood Press method for the oil extraction. 

Wood Pressed  Flaxseed Oil- Reasons to Choose

Our Wood Pressed Flaxseed Oil for cooking is pure and unfiltered since it is extracted using a cold-press method, preserving all of the oil’s natural qualities. You may enjoy all of the advantages that flaxseed has to offer because no filtering or refining is done. Our flaxseed oil is like yummy food for your insides! Our flaxseed oil is jam-packed with good things your body needs to stay healthy, like vitamins, minerals, and special fats.

And because it’s high in omega-3s, it can help keep your heart healthy and fit right into a balanced diet! The best Wood press Flaxseed Oil is highly flexible and may be used in a variety of recipes. This Wood Pressed Flaxseed  Oil improves the flavor and texture of salads, smoothies, and other dishes when used as a replacement for conventional cooking oils.

We take extra care to get the freshest flaxseed oil possible. We pick the best seeds, handle them gently, and bottle them up really well to keep them super fresh for you! Every bottle of Wood press flaxseed oil that you buy has been put through thorough testing, so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality.

Because we are dedicated to sustainable techniques, our flaxseed oil is produced with consideration for the environment. We work to reduce our ecological footprint and have a beneficial influence on the environment through everything from our sourcing partners to our production procedures.

Benefit of Wood Pressed Flaxseed Oil

  • Our high quality Wood  Press Flaxseed oil is high in nutrition and promotes eyesight and brain function.

  • This is the best Wood Press Flaxseed oil in India which is good for skin health and also works as an anti aging agent.

  • It is good for hair growth and hair problems.

  • It lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and improves your gut health.

  • Our Wood Press methods retain the health benefits of oil in the original form without damaging the actual property.

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Wood-Pressed Oil production Process:-

Kolhu/Chekku Pressed– This technology is about 5000 years old. Oil is extracted at low RPM to ensure the maintenance of natural taste, aroma quality, and healthy effects on the human body and mind.

Babool and Neem wood– These woods provide an extra immune potential to the oils that restore natural immunity alongside taste and quality. Neem wood is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost the immune response Babool is also known as the “Healing Tree” as all of its parts (Bark, root, gum leaf pods, seeds) are used for various medicinal purposes. According to Ayurveda Babool wood is good for oral health problems.

Non-Rosted  Seeds- The seeds are not roasted in order to preserve the antioxidant properties as well as the nature and concentration of volatile contents present in the seeds.

Zero Chemicals- chemical is employed from the beginning till the end steps to preserve the organic of natural aroma and flavor of will help them to maximize the good effects on the consumer.

Handmade– everything is handpicked and also manufactured through a manual process to ensure the highest standards of quality it will eventually appreciatively affect the health of consumers.

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