Wood-Pressed Black Mustard Oil


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Self-cultivated in (Rajasthan, and Mathura), all organic, small groups of women work in our lands, we support women’s empowerment, cultivate mustard, and produce oil from that mustard with ancient wood press techniques.

Gaonsey Black Mustard oil is prepared using the Wood Press Method which does not affect the chemical structure of the oil and processing is done below 50 degrees room temp which keeps it healthy to consume. The chemical and physiological qualities of our cold-pressed oil are still largely present. Most importantly, the genuine and unique flavor. Our Wood Press Black Mustard oil is free of pesticides and adulterants and high in MUFA, which controls cholesterol levels.

Reasons to Choose Wood Pressed Oil

Machines and chemicals are used in the typical extraction of mustard oil. However, mustard oil from wood presses is only extracted when the ambient temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil is produced after precipitation and filtering, and the acid value is substantially lower. Because of this, mustard cold-pressed oil is a superior and healthier cooking option than regular mustard oil.

We support Women’s empowerment as there is a major contribution of female workers in the processing of oil and cultivating the seeds in our lands. Mustard seeds are grown on our own lands with organic methods without using urea or harmful pesticides to maintain their purity and retain their nutritional value.

 Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil Benefits.

Your family must drink healthy oil that is nourishing and promotes living a healthy lifestyle.

However, the commercials that support refined oil and guarantee weight reduction have been subjected to harsh chemical processing and high temperatures, which lowers their nutritional content.

Utilizing refined oils will have no nutritional benefit and could not improve health.

Therefore, there is no need to use these oils in your kitchen and put the health of your family at risk. Therefore, purchasing cold-pressed Kachi Ghani mustard oil is the finest choice.

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    Akash Thakur

    using this black mustard oil from almost a month , and i must say if someone is looking for purity, gaonsey is the one!!
    thanks for delivering such purity to our doorstep.

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