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Meethi Sonth Chutney


Meethi Sonth Chutney

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Meethi Sonth Chutney is a delicious and versatile Indian condiment that adds a sweet and tangy flavor to various dishes.

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Meethi Sonth Chutney

Gaonsey is presenting the best sauce alternative with a number of health benefits which is Methi Sonth Chutney. The jaggery in this place provides the sweetness while black pepper is a superfood in itself. This Meethi Sonth Chutney is also suitable for fast or puja ceremonies since it substitutes sendha namak, a rock salt, for table salt. Ensure that the tamarind is soft and pulpy by soaking it in water for a few hours. It should be strained and given enough water to get a chutney-like pouring consistency.

It is prepared with organic ingredients which is not only tasty but also loaded with n number of benefits. Menthi sonth by Gaonsey is an herbal chatni that is delicious and loaded with nutrition. It can be used with roti, bread, or as a dip. It fits easily with any type of food item and you can also carry it during your trip. For people who are pro to cold and cough or with low immunity, this is great for them.

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Methi Sonth Chutney is a delicious that is prepared with fine quality ingredients and superfoods which are good for health. Sesquiterpenoids and zingiberene, two substances found in sonth, may prevent bacterial development. Methi sonth can protect against bacterial infections as a result, you must see a doctor if you have a bacterial illness.

This bioactive substance found in sonth aids in blood sugar and lipid regulation, lowering the risk of diabetes. Additionally, it could lessen insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels. As a result, you should periodically check your blood sugar levels and contact your doctor if they seem abnormal. This is the best quality product to replace sauces and harmful dips available in the market.


It is prepared with natural ingredients which are grown in our own farms.

Methi Sonth Chutney by Gaonsey is the best alternative to sauces, and cheese dips available in the market which are not good for health while Methi Sonth is loaded with health benefits.

It is prepared with jaggery, black pepper, and other herbal ingredient which are known for their good properties.

Its taste is so good that you can add it to any kind of meal from your daily diet to chaat etc.

All ingredients used in the Methi Sonth Chutney by Gaonsey are from our own land which are completely organic and chemical free makes it the best sauce alternative for your family and kids.



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Best chutney ever... Must try this... You will love this flavor

Best chutney ever... Must try this... You will love this flavor


such a delicious flavour